Charles Dickens                The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Everywhere we look we are bombarded by images of what we should look like; what shape, what size we have to be to be beautiful, and then we tell each other that beauty is only skin deep.
Is ugliness only skin deep also? It must feel so wonderful to be beautiful. But to be ugly, to be seen as a monster, a freak; so ugly that people mock you and point at you with disgust; How would that make you feel?
Would the ugliness begin to go deeper, much deeper than skin deep. Who really is beautiful?



"I came into this mad business late in life, I had had no training and I was positive that it would only be a matter of time before my genius was discovered. After a while I realised that it might be a matter of rather a long time. Pip Utton Theatre Co is the outcome of deciding that if no one was going to discover me I should do it myself. Calling the company after myself, credited as the writer and as the performer ensured that my name was prominent on posters and flyers and now on this site! Things will change. In the future there will plays written by other writers, performed by other actors but my name ’ll be at the top – I’ll make sure of that.

Eleven years ago a friend (Jeremy Towler) and I decided we would write a play and take the Edinburgh Fringe by storm. Wanting to be as near to the first entry as possible in the programme, which was then alphabetic, we called ourselves ‘About Time Company’. But the Fringe was not ready for us that year, nor the next unfortunately and so we held on to our day jobs (temporarily you understand). And then I had a hit playing Tony Hancock in Heathcote Williams’ Hancock’s Last Half Hour – performing under the banner ‘Company Theatre’. I gave up my day job and with the rave reviews still ringing in my ears I sat at home out of work, but expecting the phone call any minute, for twelve months. 

Two years later Adolf  launched me on to the touring circuit. It was eventually produced and directed by Guy Masterson and so I toured under his company name. I still produced work as Company Theatre myself, but when Guy and I decided I was old enough to go out by myself, I took a leaf out of his book and put my name at the top of the poster. It was going to be Pip Utton Productions but PUP is not an acronym that foretells fame and fortune.

Using my theatre company I want to produce and tour small-scale accessible theatre that not only entertains but also gives audiences a bit of ‘grey matter’ exercise. I want the productions I am involved in to encourage audiences in their appreciation of live theatre. And I want them to tour all over the world."


"Pip Utton's performances are always ....  masterclasses in acting."  British Theatre Guide


  • 'Pip Utton is the doyen of the Fringe one man show' - Daily Telegraph Top Twenty 2007


  • 'This performance is unmissable; it is the definitive performance about the two most powerful icons of 20th century, the Swastica and Adolf Hitler' - Wispr The Netherlands


  • 'If any one person epitomises the best of the Edinburgh Fringe it is Pip Utton' - About Theatre.com


  • 'This is a masterpiece' ***** - Scotsgay

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